How Well Do You Know MS Dhoni?

Are you really Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s fan. Brace yourself, let’s check out your knowledge about Dhoni.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

I don’t think there is any person who doesn’t like our ‘Captain Cool’ Mahendra Singh Dhoni. If you are one of his fans, who likes his thoughts, his playing style & everything about Dhoni. Then you must have knowledge about him. Let’s check out how well you know M.S. Dhoni. 

There is no pressure if you don’t know about Mahi. Let’s gather more information about Dhoni through this quiz. He is the greatest captain of all time in Cricket.

  1. When MS Dhoni was born?

7 July 1981

  1. When was MS Dhoni?


  1. How many times has MS Dhoni remained not-out in a successful chase in One Day Internationals? 


  1. How many matches has Dhoni lost as captain in the ODI World Cup?


  1. How many runs has Dhoni scored in all the IPL 20th overs he has played?


  1. How many centuries has Dhoni scored while playing at number 7 in the ODIs?


  1. Which railway zone did Dhoni work for, as a TTE?

South Eastern Railways

  1. Which team did Dhoni make his Ranji trophy debut for?


  1. How many innings has MS Dhoni played as a bowler, in international cricket?


  1. Apart from Cricket and football, which sport does he play?


  1. What is the name of Dhoni’s favorite dog out of Sam, Lilly, Gabbar, and Zoya?

Sam (a Belgian Milionis)

  1. When did Mahendra Singh get married?

4 July 2010

  1. What is the name of Dhoni’s wife?

Sakshi Dhoni

  1. What is the name of Mahi’s father?

Pan Singh Dhoni

  1. What is the name of MS Dhoni’s mother?

Devki Devi

  1. What is the name of MS Dhoni’s daughter?


  1. What is Dhoni’s favorite color?

Blue & Black

  1. How many ODI matches have Dhoni played so far?


  1. When was MS Dhoni honored with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan award?


  1. Who was the favourite player of MS Dhoni?

Sachin Tendulkar

  1. What is the Jersey number of M.S. Dhoni in T2OI’s and ODI’s?


  1. When did Dhoni play his first test match?


  1. Which team does Dhoni captains in the IPL?

Chennai Super Kings

  1. Under Dhoni’s captaincy when did India win their first T20 world cup?


  1. Dhoni is the co-owner of which Indian Super League football team?

Chenniyan FC

  1. Under Dhoni’s captaincy when did India lift the world cup after 28 years?


  1. With whom Dhoni holds the highest 8th wicket ODI partnership record for India?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar

  1. How many times has Dhoni been a part of the ICC ODI team of the year?


  1. In which stadium has MS Dhoni scored the most number of One Day International runs?

Sher-e-Bangla Stadium

  1. How many sixes has Dhoni hit as a captain, in international cricket?


Hope you like these quizzes. If you want to add on some more new information you can comment in the comment section. As Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a successful career we can not add on everything about him in one page only. But we will try to keep adding more and more information about him. SocCric wishes him more success in his life with immense happiness and prosperity.

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