UEFA Champions League Draw 2021-22 Group Wise Analysis

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UEFA champion league

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Let’s look at the champions league groups this season first 

  1. Group A: Man City, PSG, RB Leipzig, Club Brugge
  2. Group B: Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, Porto, AC Milan
  3. Group C: Sporting, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, Besiktas
  4. Group D: Inter, Real Madrid, Shakhtar Donetsk, Sheriff Tiraspol
  5. Group E: Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Benfica, Dynamo Kyiv
  6. Group F: Villarreal, Manchester United, Atalanta, Young Boys
  7. Group G: Lille, Sevilla, Red Bull Salzburg, Wolfsburg
  8. Group H: Chelsea, Juventus, Zenit St Petersburg, Malmo

Group A:- Two horse race

This group is like a two horse race. Man city and PSG are two heavyweights in this group and both should qualify to the next round easily. It will be exciting to see the City vs PSG match especially after PSG acquiring Messi and City going for Ronaldo. If Ronaldo joins the City then it will again be GOAT vs GOAT (Football fans will go crazy).

Prediction :- PSG, Man City

Group B:- Exciting matchup

This is an exciting group as all the clubs are legendary and all want to give their best and win. AC Milan is back in the champions league after a long time. Atletico is quite strong but the other three need to give their best to qualify. Liverpool was in shadow of their previous self in last season, if they want to progress they need to step up. Porto and Milan can hit with surprises.

Prediction  :- Atletico, Liverpool

Group C:- Easy group for Dortmund

This should be an easy group for Dortmund. Even though Ajax and Sporting can play good football, the quality of Dortmund and the form Haaland have should make it easy for them to progress. Ajax went from promising to disappointing last season, if they want to progress they have to step up.

Prediction :- Dortmund, Ajax

Group D:- Repetition for Madrid

Same old group for Madrid. 3 clubs in this group are same as last season. Inter has lost their star striker Lukaku and are not looking in the form they were last season so it should be an easy group for Madrid. But last season they lost to Shakhtar so they have to be cautious.

Prediction :- Real Madrid, Inter

Group E:- 8-2 again?

Here we go again. That night of humiliation will be getting renewed for Barcelona as they meet Bayern. Bayern are strong and playing free flowing football and hitting goals freely. Barcelona just lost their greatest ever player. It will be exciting to see how they perform without their talisman.

Prediction :- Bayern, Barcelona

Group F:- Its time for United to prove themselves

Villareal and United again. Last season’s finalist of Europa League are back. United has been performing really bad in the Champions league for a long time now. if they have to change it then this is the group where they can. Other than Villareal, it should be an easy game for United but we cant say anything in champions league football. Atlanta are also a great team with lots of compressing and counter attacking football. They can stun anyone in the group.

Prediction :- Villareal, United

Group G:- Fiercely competitive

This is one of the most competitive groups. Without having any heavyweights it can give many surprises. Though Sevilla are pretty strong we can’t be sure as Lille surprised everyone last season by winning League 1 and Wolfsburg are back in champions league. Salzburg can also surprise anyone in the group with their counters and fast paced play.

Prediction :- Sevilla, Lille

Group H:- Easy win for Chelsea

Group of the champion. Chelsea has strengthen their squad by signing Lukaku and they are looking very string this season again. Juventus is past their prime now and may lose Ronaldo this season. So it will be easy for Chelsea to make the qualification to Last 16. Malmo and St Petersburg can play good football but doesn’t possess the quality to surprise anyone.

Prediction :- Chelsea, Juventus

It will be exciting to see who progresses from the groups and also very exciting to be able to welcome fans in the stadiums which creates a wild and energetic atmosphere for Champions league football.

Let’s wait for this year’s champions league to start.

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