Top 10 Goalkeepers in the world

top 10 goalkeepers

Goalkeepers are often recognized as the heroes of a soccer team. This position plays an important role in deciding the winning team because one mistake by the goalkeeper can cost them a defeat. Let’s check out the best and top Goalkeeper in the world of all time.  

10.  Edouard Mendy (Chelsea)

Mendy has been sensational since joining Chelsea. He was the reason for their amazing run in the league, where he kept them in the title race for so long last year. He has been performing in every match, although there have been some mistakes also, like in the quarter-final match against Real Madrid which cost them the semi-final spot. But he was the reason they were in the quarter-final in the first place.

Edouard Mendy (Chelsea)
Edouard Mendy (Chelsea) via Goal

9. Mike Maignan (AC Milan)

When G. Donnarumma decided to leave AC Milan, it was a difficult situation for them as they were in the building phase and needed a good goalkeeper to replace him who can lead and also perform in dire phases. That’s when they bought Mike Maignan from Lille, who had recently won the Ligue1 title. He settled very fast in Italy and started performing the way he was performing for Lille. An amazing addition to the new AC Milan team.

Mike Maignan (AC milan)
Mike Maignan (AC Milan) via Get Football News

8. Marc-André ter Stegen (Barcelona)

Whenever Marc ter Stegen is out injured or not playing Barcelona looks like an average team. He is their main goalkeeper and their savior in many matches. He has made some sensational saves like we have seen against Bayern Munich a few years back. He might not be the first choice in the national team but he is irreplaceable in the club. He has been there for almost a decade now and has been performing on a world-class level. If Germany didn’t have Manuel Neuer, ter Stegen would have been their first-choice keeper.

Marc-André ter Stegen
Marc-André ter Stegen via Verge Magazine

7. Keloy Navas (PSG)

Keylor Navas is among those players who work really hard and perform brilliantly yet get very less credit for all those performances. Currently, he is in a star-studded team PSG and sometimes he is the one saving the game but doesn’t get noticed. He has always been a sensational performer for his club and country, just ask Real Madrid fans when they won three consecutive Champions League.

Keloy Navas
Keloy Navas Via West Observer

6. G. Donnarumma (PSG)

Gianluigi Donnarumma, despite his young age, has been a world-class goalkeeper. He is the first-choice goalkeeper in PSG despite the presence of Keylor Navas in the team. His height and his authoritative nature give him an edge in the box. He commands well and has the personality to lead the team. He has a bright future ahead of him, he is still just 23 years old.

G. Donnarumma (PSG)
G. Donnarumma Via Euro Sport

5. Ederson (Manchester City)

Ederson might not be the first-choice goalkeeper in Brazil’s international team, but he has proven himself a star in the Manchester City squad. He is very good on the ball and can even assist from his own box, that is why Pep loves him. He has given some scintillating performances in his blue side of Manchester. He might have yet to get many chances for his international side but whenever he gets the chance he always gives his best.

Ederson (Manchester City)
Ederson Via Sky Sports

4. Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid)

Atletico in the past few years has been challenging top Europe clubs because of their Slovenian goalkeeper Jan Oblak. He has been exceptional when it comes to saving goals. He has been performing on this level for the last 5-6 years now and is the most important player for Diego Simeone’s side. He is among those players who believe to train hard and show their worth on the pitch.

Jan Oblak
Jan Oblak Via Sporting News

3. Alisson Becker (Liverpool)

When Liverpool signed Alisson for a whopping 75 million dollars, many people said he is overrated, overpriced, not so good, etc. But Alisson has proved them wrong. He started where he had left off in Roma. He is a world-class goalkeeper and the first choice for his club and country Brazil. When he is performing at his best then everyone struggles to score past him, ask Barcelona in the 2019 semi-final 2nd leg match. He is their leader who commands well and guides his team toward the goal.

Alisson Becker
Alisson Becker Via Liverpool Core

2. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)

If there is a goalkeeper who has been a top performer in all competitions for over a decade it has to be Manuel Neuer. Since his debut for his club and country, he has been performing at the top level. Now he is their captain for both club and country and his performance backs it up. Neuer has made some jaw-dropping saves in his tenure, he is one of the most courageous goalkeepers (sometimes even standing in the center circle). He can pass, dribble, shoot, and can even assist from his own goalpost. He has done it all.

Manuel Neuer
Manuel Neuer Via DW

1. Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid)

What can we say about Thibaut Courtois, he is the reason Real Madrid won their 14th Champions League title (other than Benzema scoring). He has been that one constant presence on the goalpost who is like a wall. Be it La liga, Champions league, or even international matches he is performing everywhere. He is called the “Courtois wall” in the streets of Madrid. He had a bad start in Real Madrid when he signed from Chelsea where he dispossessed Cech from a first-choice keeper, but after that bad first season, he silenced all his doubters. Courtois has made sensational saves, superb distribution, and good command in the box.  He is among the main pillars of the Madrid squad.

Thibaut Courtois
Thibaut Courtois Via Euro Sport

I hope you like this list. If you have your own list of the top 10 goalkeepers in the world, you can share it with us here in the comment section, and we will add those lists to our blog section.

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