Emergence of Vini Jr. and Eder Militao

Vini Jr. and Eder Militao have been fantastic this season. They have certainly shifted to the next gear for this campaign.

Emergence of Vini Jr. and Eder

The arrival of Carlo Ancelotti in Real Madrid has been really impactful for two of the Brazilians. Vini Jr and Eder Militao.
Vinicius Jr who used to be the topic of debate because of his price tag, and has not successfully justified his price even though he is still very young.
He has the electrifying pace, jaw-dropping skills and is one of the most dangerous players in one on one situations but the final product was always lacking. He used to dribble and dribble but was not able to pass it to the next teammate inside the D or even capitalize on an opponent’s mistake.
He has been ridiculed or even part of some joke for his poor finishing which can be clearly seen from his stats for real Madrid for the past 3 years. But this season he has been in a totally different form.
He is scoring goals, creating them and making the difference, and even performing and becoming the team’s go-to man in the absence of Karim Benzema.

Together Benzema and Vinicius have scored the majority of the goals for Real Madrid this season. They have been linking very well and complimenting each other in front of the goal.
Vinicius has 12 goals and 9 assists this term in 25 games overall in the competitions. He has become the best young player out there in the market, his market value is continuously increasing and Madrid has finally got a superstar which they hoped they signed 3 years back.
Vinicius is now a fan favorite and has got multiple standing ovations in Santiago Bernabeu. Fans love him and them as he has shown by running to the fans for celebrating a goal.

Another Brazilian who has finally shut his critics is Eder Militao. Militao started showing his actual potential at the end of the last season where he featured regularly for Madrid in absence of the main defensive duo of Ramos and Varane. Militao has played 39 games so far this year and has only lost thrice.
He has become one of the best defenders right now in the football world. Just watch his game against Real Sociedad. He is everywhere, he is defending fearlessly, running towards the players and even assisting players, providing long balls or even through balls from the back. He has become a ball carrier as well.
He is very strong in the air and physically as well. Militao is now the first-choice defensive partner alongside David Alaba for real Madrid. Both of them are performing at a different level. 

front two of Benzema and Vinicius and back two of Alaba and Militao have provided the base for Madrid’s success in La Liga and Champions League. They have become a different team than last year under Zinedine Zidane. They are creating more, scoring more, and even holding up the game quite well. 
It has been really their year and now we are entering the new year, let’s hope that they keep performing at a very high level and win some silverware which they deserve for their efforts.

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